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Diane Taylor is a contributing writer for Field Gulls. She has been a Seahawks fan since birth, and has been officially covering the team since 2021. She grew up in the pre-Mike Holmgren era and used to attend Seahawks training camp annually when it was still held at Eastern Washington University.

Lifelong Seahawks fan retires from writing forever

...or ‘How I learned to stop worrying and trust the process’

ESPN ranks 2012 Seahawks draft among best (but not the best) of the century

Bruce Irvin, Bobby Wagner, and Russell Wilson... wow.

Two Seahawks coaches to participate in NFL Coaching Accelerator program

Karl Scott and Charles London are set to take part in the program this coming week.

Video: Seahawks stars star in star-studded schedule release spoof

Spoon can teleport, Riq is faster than the speed of light, and Charles Cross has super strength....

What Steve Hutchinson told John Schneider in the Seahawks draft room

The Seahawks had an exciting night, and it was even more exciting behind the scenes.

Seahawks earn high ranking for 2024 undrafted free agent class

Undrafted free agents eat up significant snaps each season; thankfully, it looks like the Seahawks recruited some exciting talent.

2024 NFL Draft highlights: Watch new Seahawks OL Sataoa Laumea in action!

The Seahawks add some more trench support

NFL Draft 2024 results: Watch highlights of Michael Jerrell, Seahawks’ final draft pick

The final pick for the Seahawks in the 2024 NFL Draft is from D-II football.

NFL Draft 2024 highlights: Auburn corner DJ James is a Seattle Seahawk!

The penultimate pick is... a corner!

NFL Draft 2024: Media quotes from John Schneider, Mike Macdonald, Christian Haynes

The newest member of the Seahawks offensive line is impressing already.