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Field Gulls 4th of July open thread!

Field Gulls is taking the day off, but you can still hang out in here!

4th of July Seattle

It’s July 4th, which means Independence Day in the United States! We’re not getting Joey Chestnut in the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest this year, but we will see him have a Netflix-streamed showdown with Takeru Kobayashi on September 2.

Other than Terrance’s Pre-Snap Reads, Field Gulls is taking the day off. I’m technically supposed to take/could take Friday off but I decided to take Wednesday off instead, so we will have normal service resuming immediately after the holiday.

This is your open thread to hang out and chat about your plans for the weekend. Are you planning to go anywhere? Safely light fireworks? Safely watch fireworks? What’s on your July 4th menu and why is it a rack of ribs?

We’re also wishing our Canadian readers a belated Happy Canada Day (which was July 1) and our British readers a uh... well apparently it’s Election Day over there today. Isn’t that something? Good luck with that, and remember Field Gulls is otherwise a “No Politics” zone.

Chat away and have a safe holiday!

Head to the comments section to leave your answer and join the conversation! You can sign up for a commenting account below and we have full-time moderators to enforce the Community Guidelines.