Seahawks 2025 Draft: Linebackers are BACK


As we conclude our mandatory mini-camp a day early and we also have all of these amazing new changes going on within our organization, all I can do is think about our linebackers or lack-there-of. Our starting linebackers Baker and Dodson, out until training camp. Jon Rattigan and Patrick O'Connell are taking starting reps which is not very palatable. Tyrice Knight is the most appealing option available and he is a 4th round rookie just starting to learn a new system and the rigors of the NFL. Alas a light is visible and it comes in the form of a perfect storm, the 2025 NFL draft.

Fret not, I have not given up on my Seahawks who I have cherished since birth. In fact I think we are going to be a playoff team again this season but I cannot help but to notice how well we may be setup to build a monster of a defense through the 2025 NFL Draft. I believe most of our 2024 Defensive roster will return next year except at linebacker. The Seahawks are one of a few LB needy teams heading into the season. So while we go to war with the NFC West and the rest of the NFL this season we ride comfortably into the 2025 draft with A LOT of quality options at Linebacker. If we can add a couple of these top end LBs we could be a massively feared unit for years to come.

The 2024 draft was not very heavy on top-tier LBs but the 2025 Draft is shaping to be quite different. I think we will be targeting AND can land at least two of the top linebackers in the draft with our first picks. This is not a top-5 list, there is top-5 talent on it but this is more of a you could have two of these top guys list. Here are 5 college prospects to keep an eye out for this college season and in the upcoming draft.

1: Harold Perkins Jr. LSU 6'1" 220lbs

Perkins was a 5-star recruit and is the undisputed top LB in this upcoming draft for now. Slightly smaller than ideal in size but that worry is dissolved via production and prowess. A knack for being around the ball all the time few Linebackers are close to his overall production.

2:Danny Stutsman OKLAHOMA 6'4" 241lbs

Stutsman is one of few that is close to Perkins production, but he adds size to the portfolio. Stutsman is very aggressive and has a HUGE motor. His aggression and demeanor will fit well in a Mike Macdonald defense.

3:Francisco Mauigoa MIAMI 6'3" 230lbs

Francisco was with WSU in 2022 and transferred to Miami for the 2023 season where he amassed 18 TFL and earned second-team All-ACC recognition for the effort. Cut from the same Lofa Tatupu style play he would be a great addition to an aggressive defensive scheme.

4:Jaishawn Barham MICHIGAN 6'3" 246lbs

58 Tackles and 4 sacks as a true Freshman in 2022 at Maryland, in a 2023 limited by injuries his tackles dropped but he still had 3 sacks and added and interception with the Terrapins. Jaishawn just transferred to Michigan to fill the shoes of Junior Colson.

5:Jay Higgins IOWA 6'2" 233lbs

Bobby Wagner 2.0. He had 985 total snaps last year and is the shining example of grit and consistency. in 2023 he had 171 Total tackles, 79 of which were solo. This says two things, the guy finds the football and stays on the field.

Go Hawks