The penultimate 2024 Seahawks pseudo mock draft

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I really hope they continue the trend from the last couple of years of just getting guys that are good at football. Some might not be the prototypical size or have taken a normal path to get to the position they are in. I kinda like guys that switched positions in college cause that means they were good enough at ball and had enough fight in them to force their way onto the field. That's the good stuff.



I don't know where the Seattle Seahawks will end up picking, but there is a good chance we will pick some time in each round, so that is what we will look at, regardless of where we think we will end up trade wise.

We don't know where anyone will be drafted, so don't @ me with an argument about someone won't be available when, that is completely beside the point. I use NFL mock draft database, to get a sense of where we think guys will be, but looking at guys is more important, for this exercise.

I will give my thought process on drafting a guy, but will link and copy to scouts and give you what they think of him, which is probably much higher quality than what you would get from me.

You will notice that I don't grab a QB in the draft. This is also a test of reading for content, do you read these sentences or not. I did one write up on QBs and you can look at that if you are interested, but I don't think we will grab one anyway, so no QBs in these writeups. My goal is to find guys that I think our new FO will like and consider. This isn't what I want or what I think (mostly), that isn't the point. The point is to get a look at multiple different players that could be on the teams board.


Round 1 IOL Jackson Powers-Johnson-Oregon

Round 2 Edge Marshawn Kneeland-Western Michigan

Round 3 DT Michael Hall Jr-Ohio State

Round 4 RB/WR Isaac Guerendo-Louisville

Round 5 S Malik Mustapha-Wake Forest

Round 6 TE Tanner McClachlan-Arizona

Round 7 S Steele Chambers-Ohio State


Pick-by-pick Breakdown

Seahawks at pick Round 1 IOL Jackson Powers-Johnson-Oregon

Measurements: 6'-3" 328, 32 1/4" arms, 9 7/8" Hands

I get we spent some picks on C last year, but that was a 5th round pick. This is a 1st round quality center and you plug him in and move everyone else around him. He is powerful and dominating. Having solid tackles and center takes a lot of pressure off of your guards, especially in pass pro. Powers-Johnson is a fierce competitor with a salty disposition but needs to improve his first-phase technique to create more consistent block sustains. Despite average athleticism, he doesn’t seem to have many issues in pass protection, as he works with clear eyes, a wide base and good discipline to keep his weight back.

The Draft Network Powers-Johnson is a highly cerebral player who makes all the calls up front. A team captain, Powers-Johnson is a player you want to build your offensive line around and his passion and love for the game is evident when you watch the tape.


Seahawks select at Round 2 Edge Marshawn Kneeland-Western Michigan

Measurements: 6-3 267, 34 1/2" arms, 9 1/8" hands

40 Yard Dash-4.75"

10 Yard Split-1.66"


Broad-9' 11"




Former TE turned DE who is really impressive to watch move on the field. He is still developing, but the tools are all there. I would love to give this type of tool to MM and see how he maximizes him. Kneeland is a former high school tight end and his open-field agility can be seen when he’s pursuing the football around the field. He deals consequential first blows to opponents that often create openings for him to generate movement as a run defender or pass rusher.

The Draft NetworkMarshawn Kneeland epitomizes the modern archetype of an all-downs defensive lineman. His exceptional combination of strength, agility, and unparalleled work ethic positions him as the ideal candidate for organizations seeking a game-changing presence across their defensive line.


Seahawks pick at Round 3 DT Michael Hall-Ohio State

Measurements: 6-3", 290, 33 1/2" arms, 10" hands Hall plays with good pound-for-pound strength and stands up to bigger players in front of him. He’s twitchy to knock blockers off balance but will also be engulfed by size at times. He rushes with sudden feet and active hands to whip guards with quick wins but appears to lack the lower-body drive to capitalize on early advantages against stronger competition.

The Draft NetworkMichael Hall Jr. pops out of his stance with good quickness. He has a fluid and agile lower body to bend and dip around blockers on the OL. He can stretch and cross the blocker’s face with quickness and suddenness. Hall has flashes of the ability to be a quick one-on-one winner in pass-rush situations. He plays with high football intelligence. Hall will use the blocker’s aggressiveness against them with quick counters, swims, club, etc.


Seahawks select at Round 4 RB/WR Isaac Guerendo-Louisville

Measurements: 6-0" 221, 33 3/4" arms, 9 1/4"

40 Yard Dash-4.33"

10 Yard Split-1.55"


Broad-10' 9"



"Football is all about speed. Hot, Nasty, bad ass speed." Eleanor Roosevelt

A former WR turned into a stout RB. He is fast as hell, can act like a WR and is great at returning kicks. I want him all over the formation and returning KOs. Screens, jet sweeps, just play with it. Oh by the way, he is great at pass blocking. He is a fun weapon that can act like the do it all 3rd down back. He can catch it out of the backfield and protect his quarterback, making him a suitable three-down backup. Guerendo's size, skill set and demeanor are built for an NFL workload, and he could sneak into a bigger role in the future if he continues to progress.


Round 5 S Malik Mustapha-Wake Forest

Measurements: 5-10, 209, 30 1/8" arms, 9" hands


A compact, thick, thumper who likes to get into the box and lay the wood. He can't do everything, but he is great agains the run and in short zones. Use him as the tweener between S and WILL LB. Mustapha will be in consideration as a down safety who can help support against the run and handle short and intermediate zone coverages. He's not overly instinctive, but he does play with a good burst on throws and well-timed challenges.


Seahawks select at Round 6 TE Tanner McClachlan-Arizona

Measurements: 6-5, 244, 31 5/8" arms, 9-3/8" hands

40 Yard Dash-4.61"

10 Yard Split-1.58"


Broad Jump-9' 9"

He is a work in progress, but he has the tenacity and enough tools to become a productive TE. Worst case he is a solid contributer on teams for years. He plays with the spirit of an in-line tight end and flashes what it takes to execute blocks, but he's missing the mass and play strength for one to confidently project him as a pro blocker at this point. While McLachlan has short arms and average speed, he still finds ways to go get the football outside his frame and does whatever it takes to add yards after catch. There are boxes that go unchecked, but his "whatever it takes" mentality is the kind of intangible that often turns prospects into pros.


Seahawks select at Round 7 S Steele Chambers-Ohio State

Measurements: 6-1, 226, 30 1/2" arms, 9 1/4" hands


Broad Jump-9' 4"



Developmental project at LB that has all the tools to become a solid contributor on D. Use the LBs that we brought in this year to help him come along and see what you have in a year. Chambers is a running back-turned-linebacker with three years of starting experience at his new position. His background seems to have spawned a natural feel for where the runner is headed, and he often ends up in or near that lane. He plays with decisiveness and quick lateral scrape in an attempt to stay ahead of the blocking scheme.