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Tyler is a Washington native and has covered the Seahawks since 2019. He has a background in writing and public speaking, and is incredibly grateful for the team and position at Field Gulls, where he trends towards Op-Ed and player profile pieces. He is the proud owner of a reluctant Doug Baldwin autograph.

Chasing Seahawks franchise records: DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett

There’s this Steve guy at the top of the record books, but still plenty of Seattle fame to achieve for Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf.

Have the Seahawks improved the team this offseason?

Head coaches and franchise players have come and gone, but has it improved the outlook for the Seahawks for the 2024 season?

Seahawks didn’t draft Johnny Newton, and surgeries may help explain why

Johnny Newton’s stock was probably related to this foot issue.

SB Nation Reacts: Good job again, John Schneider!

The votes are in, the people are happy, the needs are (almost) all addressed.

What we learned about Mike Macdonald’s roster philosophy

The Seahawks had three paths before them, and they opted get big and mean and start punching their opponents back.

The ‘consensus’ is that the Seahawks reached in this draft

A quick look at the Consensus Big Board to see how the Seahawks players were drafted relative to what many people expected.

NFL Draft: Stars align for both Mike Macdonald and John Schneider

The chips fell differently than predicted, and at No. 16 overall the pick for the Seahawks is exactly someone their new coach should love.

Field Gulls predicts what the Seahawks will do with No. 16 in the 2024 NFL Draft

Trade up? Trade down? Stand pat? And then who will the Seahawks draft with their first pick? We make our predictions.

What will John Schneider do with the 6th-lowest amount of draft capital?

Seattle loses potential value without a 2nd round pick, but it’s just another opportunity for John Schneider to make much of little.

Which Seahawks will be impacted by the 2024 rookie class?

The Seahawks have several positions they need to fill, and a few others that may surprise some currently rostered players.