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The Open Field: Who are the worst Seahawks players in team history?

We’ve done the Mount Rushmore for all-time great Seahawks. Now we head to the other end of the spectrum.

Football: Seattle Seahawks #10 Dan McGwi
Highly unlikely this pass ended in a completion.
Photo by Doug Hoke//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

It’s safe to say the Mount Rushmore of greatest Seattle Seahawks players generated incredible discussion. Even for the deadest period of the NFL offseason, we don’t normally see over 300 comments in an article in June unless someone prominent got cut or traded.

Let’s keep the offseason water cooler talk going with the other side of the coin: the worst Seahawks of all-time.

Unlike Mount Rushmore, which is limited to only four choices, you have the freedom to list whomever you want. While we’ve enjoyed a lot of winning over the last 20+ seasons, the Seahawks had a whole lot of mediocrity to downright terrible play from inception until the early portion of the 2000s, and then two rough seasons in 2008 and 2009. Bad teams usually means a lot of bad players and guys who won’t be remembered as fondly as Walter Jones or Bobby Wagner or Cortez Kennedy (who was one of the few bright spots on mostly non-playoff teams).

There are no shortage of just offensive linemen within the last 15 or so years who could be strong “worst Seahawks ever” contenders. Luke Joeckel getting the money he commanded to play guard on that awful 2017 line was comical, and the results showed. Of course, he was also blocking for Eddie Lacy, who was out of shape and needed regular weight checks to hit contract incentives. His on-field performance was disastrous. Bradley Sowell was seemingly on a personal quest to get Russell Wilson injured in that 2016 campaign. Paul McQuistan was thrust into starting duties way too often in the Super Bowl winning season and we witnessed some pass pro disasters.

Going further back in franchise history, Brian Russell remains one of the worst defensive players the Seahawks have ever had, and he’s one of the many Tim Ruskell free agent signings that sealed his fate. Kelly Jennings could’ve been a good corner if he’d ever get his head around or not fall down repeatedly. Alas, he didn’t get the job done when it came to two fairly important tasks as a corner. Aaron Curry was the “safe” pick of the 2009 NFL Draft and he was safely one of Seattle’s biggest draft busts.

Then there are the quarterbacks. Oh there are the quarterbacks. Dan McGwire, Rick Mirer, Kelly Stouffer. That’s just the 1990s.

Take a trip down unwanted memory lane! I’m also setting the over/under at 10 comments before someone says the name I expect to be named.

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