The pseudo Seahawks mock draft: Bringing the kickoff back

Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
(Editor's note: This is a mock draft promoted from the fanposts section)

I have been thinking about the new kickoff rules a lot and think it is going to be a big time market inefficiency this year. Take a look at these couple of XFL highlights

Notice that it doesn't play out like kickoffs have for years. It is way more like a screen pass or it turns into a jet sweep type movement. I think this is going to make RBs matter a lot more than they did before and I'm here for it.



I don't know where the Seattle Seahawks will end up picking, but there is a good chance we will pick some time in each round, so that is what we will look at, regardless of where we think we will end up trade wise.

We don't know where anyone will be drafted, so don't @ me with an argument about someone won't be available when, that is completely beside the point. I use NFL mock draft database, to get a sense of where we think guys will be, but looking at guys is more important, for this exercise.

I will give my thought process on drafting a guy, but will link and copy to scouts and give you what they think of him, which is probably much higher quality than what you would get from me.

You will notice that I don't grab a QB in the draft. This is also a test of reading for content, do you read these sentences or not. I did one write up on QBs and you can look at that if you are interested, but I don't think we will grab one anyway, so no QBs in these writeups. My goal is to find guys that I think our new FO will like and consider. This isn't what I want or what I think (mostly), that isn't the point. The point is to get a look at multiple different players that could be on the team's board.

Round 1 DB Cooper DeJean-Iowa
Round 2 DT Kris Jenkins-Michigan
Round 3 RB Jaylen Wright-Tennessee
Round 4 OG Zac Zinter-Michigan
Round 5 LB Jaylan Ford-Texas
Round 6 TE Ben Sinnott-Kansas State
Round 7 CB Qwan'tez Stiggers -Toronto Argonauts


Pick-by-pick Breakdown

Seahawks at pick Round 1 DB Cooper DeJean-Iowa

Measurements: 6'-1/2" 203, 31 1/8" arms, 9 5/8" Hands

A swiss army knife defensive back. Probably not an outside corner, but more of a safety/big nickel and let him return punts and kicks. This is a weapon to move around in the back of the defense and confuse QBs into mistakes. His best football is played with his eyes forward, using his instincts to challenge quarterbacks and his big downhill burst to smack whatever needs smacking. He would seem to be a no-brainer as a punt returner and gunner in Year 1. DeJean should be a big athletic tester, which will help get the hype train going, but finding the proper schematic fit will be important in unlocking his best football as a zone corner or interchangeable safety.

The Draft Network Cooper DeJean is an athletic perimeter defender whose tenaciousness in coverage and as a run defender provides an intriguing skill set as a prospect. As a zone defender, DeJean showcases an excellent trigger and ability to align at a variety of depths. He displays quick feet in his backpedal and can align with his shoulders square to the line of scrimmage and in side-saddle technique with his back to the sideline.

Seahawks select at Round 2 DT Kris Jenkins-Michigan

Measurements: 6-3 299, 34" arms, 9 3/8" hands

40 Yard Dash-4.91"
10 Yard Split-1.7"
Broad-9' 7"

Still developing as a DT but showed continuous improvement throughout college. He has the athleticism and build to become a solid if not pro bowl DT. Jenkins flashes more rush talent than his sack production would indicate, but he still needs to work on developing more go-to moves to pair with his spin counter. Jenkins isn’t a natural two-gapper, but he can play up field or read-and-react football on the next level as an eventual starter capable of creating disruptions.

The Draft Network Jenkins flashes more rush talent than his sack production would indicate, but he still needs to work on developing more go-to moves to pair with his spin counter. Jenkins isn’t a natural two-gapper, but he can play upfield or read-and-react football on the next level as an eventual starter capable of creating disruptions.

Seahawks pick at Round 3 RB Jaylen Wright-Tennessee

Measurements: 5-10.5", 210, 32 1/2" arms, 9 3/8" hands

40 Yard Dash-4.38"
10 Yard Split-1.55"
Broad-11' 2"

I realize that a certain segment of the readership will @ me for another RB, but this guy is not like any RB we have. That is legit 4.3 speed that you see on the tape. He is silly explosive and consistently is up to full speed instantly. I want him running jet sweeps, screens and dump off passes. I want to get him the ball in space as a change of pace that will make the D plan for him. I also want to put him back for KO returns. Having DeJean and Wright returning KOs would be so much fun. He regularly bounced runs wide and beat the pursuit around the corner, so a move to a stretch-based running attack would be a natural fit, allowing his speed to shine. He’s capable of running with power, but he will default into finesse at times. Wright’s big-play potential and talent as a pass catcher should make him a Day 2 target as a future starter.

Seahawks select at Round 4 OG Zac Zinter-Michigan

Measurements: 6-6" 309, 33 1/2" arms, 9 3/8"

Has all of the makings of a solid LG. I don't think he will necessarily be anything more than that, but the potential is there to plug him in and not think about LG again for 3 years. Zinter enters the league with NFL size, toughness and technique. He is an average athlete in short spaces but is very capable of climbing to the second level with good angles and making hits on short pulls.

Seahawks select at Round 5 LB Jaylan Ford-Texas

Measurements: 6-2, 240, 31 3/4" arms, 9 1/2" hands

Broad Jump-10' 1"

He has the size and athleticism to be a quality inside linebacker, he just needs to develop instincts. Is it is instincts or the system that he is in. This is a bet that MM can put him in a position to succeed and our new veteran LBs can help him grow into the role. Two-year starting linebacker with good size and athleticism but average speed and below-average instincts. Ford’s tackle count is almost evenly split between solo and assisted, which is a little unusual for an inside linebacker with multiple opportunities to play the role of sheriff.

Seahawks select at Round 6 TE Ben Sinnott-Kansas State

Measurements: 6-4, 250, 32 3/8" arms, 9.5" hands

40 Yard Dash-4.68"
10 Yard Split-1.59"
Broad Jump-10' 6"

Sinnott is physically and athletically a clone of Noah Fant. He is a zero star walk on who has continuously developed and could be the biggest steal of the draft at TE. Don't look for big production in year one, but look for big things down the road.

NFL.comAthletic F tight end with an ability to add value in the passing game and handle some blocking duties in space. The former walk-on has added 40 pounds to his frame without losing his speed or agility. He’s an adequate route runner with the quickness to compete against man coverage on all three levels and get additional yards after the catch.

Seahawks select at Round 7 DB Qwan'tez Stiggers-Toronto Argonauts

Measurements: 5-11, 204, 30 1/2" arms, 8 7/8" hands

40 Yard Dash-4.49"
10 Yard Split-1.52"
Broad Jump-10' 8"

Stiggers ended up not playing in college ball after his Dad died suddenly. He ended up in the fan controlled league and then last year in the CFL. He was the rookie of the year in the CFL. I think he may be a really good slot CB or maybe as a safety that you can bring in and out of the box. His path may not have been normal, but this guy can ball and I bet he goes before they are currently showing him.